I have recently come across an interesting place to shop. 

D&Department, what Japanese call "select shop."  Select Shop is, in a nut shell retailer of collection of various designers' and manufacturers' items  selected by owner or operator's concept.  Or you can call it specialty department store, in much smaller scale.

In D&Department's case, long life products with timeless design is the main concept.  I found the selection to be mostly sourced from Japanese manufacturers.  D&D have about 10 stores in various parts of Japan.  I have decided to check out their first store which opened in 2000, located in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Very unassuming building exterior, typical of Mid-Showa (around 1960s to 70s).   I have been using GPS but drove passed it twice.

First floor is a cafe/restaurant, second floor displays various furnitures and nick nacks, both new and preowned.  Inside is very Mid-Showa as well.  It brings back memories, with some display of desks and chairs used in Japanese elementary school.  If you are familier with second hand store in large scale in North America, it is close.  Add some beautiful every day, simple, and functional items sourced from various manufacturers in Japan, you get D&Department.


 On this visit, I have picked up beautiful teak veneer tray and stainless steel surgical tray. 

Bags are recycled whenever possible.  Unique and great idea to have branded tape applied.

A great place to pick up souveniers, which are made in Japan, if you are tired of T-shirts and keychains which are really not made in Japan if you look closely.  Many other smaller unbulky items are available thru out the store.

To the cafe/restaurant after some shopping.  Very Showa again, using furnishing from the same era as well.


Lunch Combo, dried curry on rice with fried egg, salad, and ginger ale.  I think the the combo was around 900 yen or so.  Dried curry, as Japanese call it is minced meat curry, less soupy version.  It was quite delicious.  It reminded me of restaurant owned by mom & pop in late Showa.  It is hard to find these establishment now a days as many big chain restaurants are dominating


Sold in the store was, travel guide for various parts of Japan.  A little pricy but the book is in both Japanese and English.  Very rare indeed.  I've picked up couple myself. 
Link here for further details: http://www.d-department.com/jp/d-design-travel/


D&Department Tokyo
8 Chome-3-2 Okusawa Setagaya, Tokyo 158-0083
11:30 to 23:00
Closed Wednesdays.