Yes, you read it right.  It's chicken and yes it is sashimi, which means it is served raw!

It is not well known thru out Japan, but if you travel to southern Japan, some parts of Kyushu eating Chicken raw is quire common practice.  First time I had it was years ago when I travelled to Kagoshima.  This time in Hakata I decided to try again when I saw the menu in the Izakaya I walked into.

Here it is with various parts of chicken.  Toward the middle peeking just behind the shiso leaves in reddish yellow color is liver.  Yes they are also raw and it was particulary delicious.

Condiments are in from from left, wasabi, yuzu-goshou, ginger.  Yuzu-goshou is ground yuzu skin and green chili peppers, choice of condiment in Kyushu region.  And it was best match with chicken sashimi. 


Prior to this, when I turned on a TV at the hotel, there was Sumo match.  And in November the tournament is held in Kyushu, Hakata to be exact.  There was still more than a hour of bouts left so I took a taxi to see it live for the first time.

At the entrance.


Here is Yumitorishiki, a ritual performed with a bow at end of all bouts for the day.

To be honest, I was never into Sumo in my childhood, I actually started watching the bouts in Canada after I had subscribed to Japanese cable channel.  It is such a simple sports, yet quite deep just like anything else.  After watching Sumo for years it gets more interesting because each bout does really reflect the mental and physical state of the sumo wrestlers.

Funny thing is that I do not follow sumo anymore when I returned to Japan, perhaps due to the show time being around 17:00 everyday.  During the 14 day tournament it is hard to allocate this kind of time frame in busy lifestyle of Japan.  How ironic!