Have you wondered what to do during your short stay in Narita, Japan?

Whether you are flight crew or have a night of stay over in Narita to your final destination, and in mood for shopping, you are in luck.

Ealier this spring, Outlet Shopping Mall has opened in Shisui, just 15 minutes bus ride away from Narita Airport.


I would like to share my experience during my visit about a month ago.


Here is the website of the Shisui Premium Outlets: http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/shisui/


There is a direct shuttle bus from Narita Airport roughly twice an hour depending on the time of the day.

Unfortunately the ride costs 500 JPY one way : (



You will arrive to something like above.  Looks familer?  It is joint venture between Simon Malls and Mitsubishi Estate so some of you my find the atomosphere and layout familier.

Inside Food Court you can check for Arrival and Departure information of Narita Airport.


If you need a break from Japanese Food.  There are variety of foods available like roast beast above.  Quite bloody rare but tasted nice.



In the mall you will find international brands, as well as brands unique to Japan.  Don't let the slight grammer issue with the brand name put you off.  (like above)  I'm not sure what store it was but I'm sure they have fine products.

Regardless of international brand or Japanese brand, sizing you find will be on the small/petite side, so make sure you try them on.  And if you have difficulty finding small sizing where you are from then you are onto some shopping spree!

There are many stores and plenty places to eat, but don't get carried away and miss your flight!