Ever wonder what to do when you have few hours to kill or during stay over in Narita?

I see lots of flight crews and tourists at Aeon Shopping Mall.  While the mall is certainly a good place to go, you may just want to relax away from hustle and bustle.  What I am about to show you may be a place you want to try.

Located in middle of rice fields, about 1/2 hour drive from Narita International airport is hidden bathhouse/onsen.


Your best bet, if you are not familer with Japan, is take a taxi.  There is a train track and station near by but I have never taken one and it is located in middle of no where like above, which makes this bathhouse such a gem.

The place is called "Yamato-no-Yu," local taxi driver should know.


You would enter the building from the main entrace, opposite side from the rice field.  
The building is mordern, with some accents of Japan using some bamboo some real some artificial.

Fee to enter is JPY700 on weekdays and I would recommend weekdays as there are much few visitors.  Weekends are JPY1000.  (Children under the age 6 are not allowed)

Baths are separated into Males and Female and there are both indoor and outdoor baths.  Hot spring is quite dark brown and mildly acidic in my opinion.


View from inside is equally nice, this time of the year you can hear the frogs in the rice field, very soothing and relaxing.


Once inside you can purchase drinks, foods, and enjoy restaurants by using your barcode on your locker key.


There are also spa, massage, gym (additional charges apply).

You can also enjoy Sushi bar and Japnese restaurant upstairs.


I was here solo this particular day and enjoyed late lunch.  Lunch combo is about JPY1500 and is quite complete.


〒286-0841 1630 ohtake, Narita, Chiba, JAPAN   TEL:0476-28-8111 
10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 7 days a week   ※No smoking & Aged +6 only