For those of you unfamilier with Rusutsu, it is in Hokkaido, the northen island of Japan.

Rusutsu can be reached from Sapporo (New Chitose Airport) by bus about 2 hours ride away.

Most of you may not associate Japan as Winter resort, however one can enjoy world famous powder snow in various mountains in Hokkaido.

I ejoyed my solo skiing trip to Tomamu, Hokkaido last season and I went back for more with partner this time to Rusutsu.

You are off to this ski out section in about 1/2 a day from Narita.  Actual flight time is little over an hour but with bus ride and waiting time it would take you about 1/2 a day.

Rusutsu Ski Resort enjoys visitors from all over the world, most consists from Australia, and many from Thai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.  Mid January is known to be best time for light fluffy powder.

Rusutsu is also known for one of the best tree skiing / boarding.  Poweder is so fluffy that it creates almost no resistance.  I have never experienced such fine powder even compared to Blackcomb/Whitsler, Silverstar, Big White.


And the place is not busy compared to many mountains I know in British Columbia, Canada.  Look at that virgin snow!

You would not have to wait in line for the chair/gondola for more than 5 min during my whole 4 days of skiing.  Often times, no wait at all.


Since last year, it's a must for me to wear my Marathon GSAR Diver's with pilot watch strap (long length) while skiing / boarding.  This proves to be most convenient as instant glance will tell time without a hassle of pulling out your phone from pocket after removing your glove. 

This way you can pack in more runs before the chair stops, avoide line-ups at cafeteria by going off peak hours, and if you ski solo like me, you will not be late for meeting with your friends and family members.

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Will report  you more on about Rusutus on the next post.