Bund Strap attachment Instructions


1. First , remove your existing strap or bracelet from your watch and re-install your spring bars.
Or in case of solid bar, simply remove existing strap.



2. Thread your strap into the undercase part of the "BUND Strap" and thread the end of the strap in between your watch case and spring bar (or solid bar). 
If you pre-bend the metal plate pin ahead of time as pictured, it will be easier to proceed to next step.



3. Thread both end of the plate pin into openings at the end of straps.  Bend both plate pin inward securely.



4. Pull the end of the strap so that the watch will line up with undercase part of the "BUND Strap."



5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 with other side of the strap.



6. You are done installing.  Enjoy your watch!