NATO Strap (G10) attaching instructions


1. First , remove your existing strap or bracelet from your watch and re-install your spring bars.  Or in case of solid bar, simply remove existing strap. 


 2. Un-thread the main strap from supporting strap.


 3. Thread the main strap in between the watch case and the spring bar.  Start with top of the watch (12 o'clock) first.

Or 6 o'clock as some people find it to their liking to put it on reversed.


 4. Now, thread the main strap between the watch case and the spring for bottom of the wach case (6 o'clock).


 5. Thread the main strap into the metal loop of the supporting strap and pull all the way thru.


 6. Complete and ready to enjyo!


 7. If you have excess strap when worn on your wrist, fold and thread back into the metal loop as shown.

NATO Straps are made long so that you can wear on your bare wrist or over the garment.