Paracord Survival Strap - Charity


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Paracord Survival Strap - Charity

Paracord Survival Strap - Japan Charity

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The Regular Survival Bracelet™ is our most popular item across the board. Made with the exact same parachute cord the military employs, this bracelet  is the real deal. Its authenticity can’t be rivaled, and its strength and durability make it perfect for both every day wear and survival situations alike. In an emergency, you can unravel your bracelet and deploy the paracord for your use. 

Regular Survival Bracelet™ Paracord Bracelet

- The regular Survival Bracelet™ is expedition ready, super stylish and preferred by most men.
- Contains up to 15’ of super strong, AUTHENTIC 550 test military spec paracord.
- In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use. Make a tourniquet, or tie down a piece of equipment or anything you need strong paracord for.
- If you use it in an emergency, we’ll replace it for free in exchange for your story and the rites to publish it.
- The stainless closure is a load bearing marine grade stainless steel shackle that adjusts on your wrist and is guaranteed to never rust or break.
- The nylon 6-6 closure contains no metal and is made of nylon. It is super tough, black and stealth. It also adjusts on your wrist.
- Logo – If one of our logo products is chosen, the logos themselves are as tough as the rest of the bracelet. They will not scratch, rust, fade or show fingerprints.            
- Logo tag – The dog tag will match the closure chosen. If a stainless closure is chosen, the logo dog tag will be stainless. If a nylon 6-6 closure is chosen, the dog tag will be black nylon 6-6.
- A break-away safety feature is included with every bracelet. If your bracelet gets hung up on something, it will break away from your wrist. 
- All our products are completely waterproof.


- All Survival Straps® gear is made from AUTHENTIC military spec type III 550 test paracord. This is the same paracord used for the rigging in all military parachutes. It is extremely strong; each strand has a breaking strength of over 550#. There is a lot of weaker cord out there these days that is made overseas and is not true paracord. However, we are partnered with the military manufacturer of paracord here in the United States so you are guaranteed that your product will be made with the same paracord our men and women in uniform entrust their lives to everyday.
- An average 7.5” Survival Bracelet™ contains approximately 14’ of paracord.
- You can unravel your Survival Bracelet™ in any emergency. Once the paracord is deployed, you can use it however you may need it! Check out the Media section of our website to see how many of our customers have unraveled their Survival Bracelets™ and used them in emergencies.



Adjustable Stainless Shackle - Clevis Pin 

-Made from marine grade stainless steel. This shackle is meant to attach chain to anchors at the bottom of the ocean. It is guaranteed to never rust or break.  
-The clevis pin type has all the strength of the original shackle screw pin but super easy to put on and take off.
-There are three adjustment settings for your size and a high-speed, no-snag design.
-Push the pin through the tongue and shackle to secure the bracelet. This closure secures the bracelet, but is much easier to take on and off than the original screw pin version.
-Breakaway pins – Your bracelet comes with 2 pins. One is stainless, and one is a nylon 6-6 breakaway pin.  If you are worried about getting your bracelet hung up on something, you can wear it with the breakaway pin installed.  If it does get hung up on something, the bracelet is designed to break away from your wrist when significant force is applied.
-Survival Straps® is stamped into our stainless steel shackle to guarantee you have the highest quality product and you know who has your back!

*We will be donating approx. $5 from each sale of this Charity Bracelet to the Red Cross. The proceeds will be going towards people affected by the Magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck North Eastern Japan onMarch 11th 2011. *




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