Perlon Strap w/ 316L stainless steel buckle

Perlon Strap w/ 316L stainless steel buckle

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Airly and comfortable Perlon Strap, needs no introduction now a days, but we were not satisfied with often found brass plated buckles to go with fine time pieces.

So, all CHRONOWORLD’s perlon comes standard with 316L stainless steel buckles (pin is made of plated brass).

Perlon is synthetic material made of nylon. While the strap is very thin, it is very strong and it was even used as one of the option for UK issued mil-spec straps (NATO straps) in the past.

Only thing to be aware is that when new and unformed, depending on the watch you put on, the watch may slide off easily, so be careful not to drop your watch! If you use them for a few days, perlon will bend and form nicely and the sliding is often prevented.

Made in Slovenia

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